The WordPresto management plans come in a range of sizes, suited to different needs at different times. You are never locked in to any particular plan, and can change at any stage. If you choose to change during a month (each plan is billed monthly), your cost will be prorated for the remaining time in the month. Downgrading to a lower plan, however, will only see a reduced cost start in the next month as we’ve already provisioned the support for you. If you need more details, or want to work out a custom plan, please just reach out to us today – the team is very happy to talk, and help you out!

The prices listed below are quoted as monthly costs, per site, and are listed in Australian Dollars (we’re based in Sydney). We are not currently registered for GST collection, for our Australian customers, so no GST is charged or included here. If you’re overseas, being charged in Australian dollars probably means you’re getting an even better deal than the Aussies. We may be able to arrange local currency pricing, but this is not guaranteed and is dependent on our payment gateway and their ability to do this. Please get in touch with us today, before signing up, if this is important for you.

All of our plans come with a completely free 30-day trial. We’ll save your credit card details so that if, after the 30 days, you want to continue, it’s simple as carrying on. Not convinced? Simply cancel your subscription (done from your member dashboard) at any time. You don’t need to speak with anyone, or request anything. Does it get any better than that?

WordPress Management Feature $15/month $35/month $50/month $80/month $150/month
WordPress Site Backups Monthly Weekly Daily 6 Hourly Hourly
WordPress/Plugin Updates Weekly Weekly Daily Daily Daily
Reporting Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly Weekly
Site Security Check Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Uptime Monitoring Every 10 mins Every 5 mins Every 5 mins Every 1 min
Performance Benchmarking Weekly Weekly Daily
SEO Monitoring Weekly Weekly
Update Issue Resolution Work Up to 15 mins* Up to an hour* Up to an hour*
Backup Restoration Work Up to an hour* Up to an hour*
Ad-Hoc Development Time Up to an hour*
Free Trial  30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up

*indicates not included in 30-day free trial. If you need these services, just reach out and we can kick off your real subscription early.

Please note: if you do not cancel your trial subscription during the free trial period (30 days, from the date/time of sign-up), your payment method will be automatically charged at the conclusion of this time.

Want to Save 5%?

Easy: who doesn’t want a discount? In exchange for you showing the world how proud you are to be a WordPresto user, we’ll happily give you 5% off your monthly subscription. All that we ask is that we put a small “Managed by WordPresto” link at the bottom of your site (or in a location that you feel is best). While the text and link stays on your site, your discount will continue! How easy is that. Simply sign up today, and then reach out to us to request the discount. Our developers can assist you with inserting the text and link, and we work with each client individually to find the best location, size and style for the link so that it blends nicely with the rest of your site. Remember, this is no big automatic machine here!

Some Fine Print

Any plans that include hourly (or part thereof) work do not roll-over, and do not accumulate from month to month. If the time isn’t used, then it expires at the end of your current month and a new allocation is granted for the next one. Any work that requires more time than what is allocated will be discussed and agreed on, separately, before work begins. Any plans that do not include work on an hourly basis can include this, as required, for $150/hour billed in 15 minute increments. Again, no charges will be made until a discussion and agreement is reached – so no bill shock here.

Your payment will be managed by our payment provider, Stripe, and your payment details securely stored with them. They will charge you on a monthly basis until such time that you cancel (which you can do at any time). Changing between plans is possible, and should be completed by logging in to the WordPresto site and managing your account there. You can also contact us at any stage and we’ll be happy to assist personally.

These prices are for WordPresto’s management services only. They do not include your (potential) ongoing hosting costs, depending on your provider, and WordPresto is not a hosting provider. You will need to continue paying a host to provide this service whether you engage WordPresto to help or not. Remember that WordPresto isn’t a big automatic machine – we’re real people, providing real, professional WordPress service. Although it’s not what we do, we are able to also manage your content for you, should you require. We won’t write the content, but could upload and publish, as requested if provided by you. This is an additional service, however, and is not included in the prices above. Contact us today for more details on managing your whole process from start to finish.