WordPress Management Services that are just a little bit magical.

Stop worrying about keeping your site up-to-date and securely backed up, and focus on what’s important: writing content or running your business. Leave the updates, security patches and backups to WordPresto, your personal and professional WordPress management team.

What is WordPresto?

While it may seem magic – not having to worry about your WordPress updates and security patches – it’s far from it. WordPresto is a small team of WordPress experts based in Sydney, Australia, aiming to simplify the task of running your WordPress website. The aim is to make it magical for the end-user – that’s you. From your perspective, it’s quick, easy and painless. From our perspective, we take care of all the gritty details personally, and professionally.

This isn’t some big, impersonal, automagic machine – it’s real down-to-earth customer service from real professionals. Get a better idea of what WordPresto is all about by exploring our features, and if you’re keen, jump right in over on our pricing page – we promise it’s easy!

Not sure if WordPresto is right for you? All of our plans carry a 30-day free trial, meaning you can test out the WordPresto service for NOTHING. Zip. Nada. Amazing, right? Do it!

What is the need for something like WordPresto? Isn’t WordPress already magic?

Yes, WordPress is magic – and we love WordPress – but there is a problem… most users don’t want to be logging in to their WordPress sites on a regular basis just to check whether there are updates to plugins, themes, or just WordPress itself. Because WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (or CMS for short), it means that lots of development gets done – and often too – meaning there are basically always new updates available. This is great for ensuring that security issues are quickly patched, new features are available, and that your site keeps running like a brand new car… the downside is, somebody has to do these updates! They don’t happen automatically.

In addition, ensuring that your site is backed up regularly, and running in tip-top shape (performance testing, malware scanning and SEO monitoring, to name a few) doesn’t come part of WordPress at all – and would be a real hassle to task someone within your organisation, or you if you’re working alone, to look after on a weekly or daily basis.

Still interested?

Jump on over to our features page to begin with so that you can better understand what WordPresto can do for you. If you’re just looking for the dirty pricing details (yes, it costs money) head straight for the pricing page. WordPresto takes great pride in the service that can be delivered, but it can’t be done for free… there’s a range of different plans available, and we can work out something custom for you if none of these fit, but start there and let’s talk further!

What’s News?

Here’s a quick list of our latest news posts. For all the latest, take a look at our full news page, full of WordPress and WordPress-management related goodies.

Announcing Update Magic – your WordPress update safety net (all automatic, of course!)

April 24, 2017

WordPresto is proud to announce our latest management feature to add to our WordPress management service – Update Magic. This feature, included with all plans that include managed backups (that’s all of them!), means that updating your site and plugins is now safer than ever. Why is this important? Take a read of our recent article... Read more »

WordPress 4.7.4 Update

April 21, 2017

Well, another day, another WordPress maintenance release! This time, WordPress 4.7.4 is out the door. While these maintenance releases generally don’t bring new features, they are also pretty slick and safe – and generally won’t cause any issues for existing code or functions on your site. Mostly, they are there to fix security issues and... Read more »

Huh?! WooCommerce 3.0.0 broke my site! What gives?!

April 18, 2017

Ok ok ok… we’re not aiming to attack WooCommerce particularly (we love WooCommerce as much as the next team!), but it’s a good example of why and when things can go wrong. Being one of the most commonly used ecommerce plugins for WordPress, powering a huge portion of all WordPress-based online stores, there’s a fair range... Read more »