How it Works

So, it all sounds magic, but how does WordPresto actually work? We’re glad you asked.

Getting Started

First, you sign up for a WordPresto WordPress Management Plan. This enables us to provide you with the features you need for your site and situation, at the right price for you. Once you sign up and create an account, you’ll get some login details for the WordPresto management interface – don’t worry, it’s all very simple.

Getting Connected

From here, download our WordPresto Management Plugin – a WordPress plugin that will enable us to access your site remotely, and manage the updates, backups and other tasks you’ve asked us to complete. This is safer than sending us your administrator username and password, but still allows us the same access. If, at any stage, you decide not to continue with WordPresto’s services, you can simply remove the plugin and the link is broken – we can’t connect, and can’t help you anymore. Of course, if you don’t even want to install a plugin to get us started, we can do it for you – but we will need to contact you directly to get an administrator login, just that once.

Either way, get that plugin installed, and then we’re good to go. Two steps… how easy is that?

Sitting Back and Relaxing

The WordPresto team use this remote link to manage your site and update your plugins, themes and WordPress core files as often as your plan dictates. We can also create backups (and store them securely), run security scans, do performance benchmarking and check your SEO status too. It all sounds a little complicated, but that’s why the WordPresto team is here to help – so you don’t have to do any of it! All that’s left to you is to write content, manage your content, and keep the front-end of your site looking sharp and shiny (the fun stuff).

Most of our communication will happen by email – including sending you regular updates about your site, and letting you know what’s going on. Make sure that you keep your email up-to-date in our management area to ensure that you don’t miss the latest news. Because all of the WordPress site management tasks are handled personally by our team, there’s not a whole lot to see on the WordPresto site itself – it all happens behind-the-scenes.

If, at any stage, you need our help – we’re here. Depending on what’s included in your plan, we can probably assist for no additional cost. If it’s something extra, we’ll do our best to help, and let you know if there’s going to be any additional charges to get further work done on that issue. We are based in Sydney, Australia, however so there could (potentially) be a slight delay in getting back to you, depending on where you live and work. We’ll do our best to be as quick as possible, but the team does go home and sleep (occasionally). It’s all part of the personal service that WordPresto offers.