WordPress Backups

Backup a bit… what’s the deal with backups anyway? What’s involved in a WordPress Backup?

Ah backups… the very concept brings fear to any non tech-savvy person’s life. We’re sure you’ve heard it all before, but backups are essential. Whether it’s your iPhone, your computer, your tablet or your whole website – having a backup is ensuring that you’re disaster proof… or at least disaster ready. Let’s have a look at your website, and WordPress backups specifically. Although WordPress is the world’s most commonly used Content Management System (CMS), there actually isn’t a great backup system (or in fact, any) built-in to WordPress itself. Why does this matter? Because for the average user, doing a backup is something that they never even consider. It’s not an option in the settings menu, so it’s not a cause for concern.

This alone is one of the biggest worries about running a WordPress site. It’s super-easy to get started, and up and running, but how do you make sure your site is protected? How do you ensure that if something happens, you have a reliable backup to fall back on? Have you even got a recent backup of your WordPress site? When disaster strikes, and, because WordPress is so popular, it probably will (at some stage, in some form), are you ready? Do you even want to be? Having a recent and complete backup is our go-to first step solution for protecting any one of our client sites. We make sure that we back things up first, so that if anything ever happens, it’s all protected. If somebody does get in to your site, if one of your plugins starts misbehaving, we can simply roll back to the latest good backup and have everything up-and-running in a matter of minutes. No more hunting through code for issues (again, an expert-only option there); no more scrambling for the location of that latest backup file.

Just doing a backup is only one part of the equation however. Most likely, you’re keeping your site up-to-date. Whether that’s on an hourly/daily/monthly/yearly basis, things are bound to change. If you took a first good step and made a backup when you first got started, how much has changed on your site since that time – and how much of that would you be prepared to lose if your site went down/got mistakenly erased by your web host (yes, we’ve seen it happen)/got attacked by a random hacking attempt… if the answer is none, then here’s to hoping you log in every day and take a new backup of the site! But seriously… who has time for that?

The WordPresto Approach

WordPresto aims to jump in and fix this gaping hole in your security strategy… and we aim to do it in a way that is completely painless for you! The team at WordPresto will configure your site to complete automatic backups, as often as you require (as per your membership plan). We store these securely in multiple places around the world, leveraging huge levels of redundancy that is now standard in almost all cloud storage providers. We’ll ensure that your backups are completing successfully, and when they should be, and that we’ve got at least 90 days worth of them kept (and more if we can). This provides WordPresto with a huge backup catalogue, if you like, to protect you from things that may happen to your site.

While this does mean that there are some limitations – if you’re only backing up once a month, then we’ll only have potentially three backups; if the issue occurred on your site a year ago, it’s likely to be outside our retention; etc – but the benefits are priceless. You don’t have to worry about a thing, and at the same time, you’re protected from anything that happens to your site in the future. Protected meaning that if something does happen, we’ve got your back, and can either roll your site back (some plans include this work), or at least provide you with the backup file if you want to complete this yourself.

You can’t access these backups yourself, at least not without contacting us first – and that’s to ensure that if somebody does manage to access your site or your account, your data is completely protected. The WordPresto backup service is exclusively for WordPress websites, and won’t backup other files stored on your web server outside standard WordPress directories. In most cases, this isn’t an issue – but if you’ve got a complex site, drop us a line so that we can check things out and ensure you are covered… or at least work with you to highlight what is and isn’t covered in these circumstances.

Update Magic

We won’t go into too much detail here (there’s a separate page for updates), but also know that our backup and snapshot technology comes into play each and every time we complete an update on your site – whether that’s WordPress core, themes or plugins. We take a snapshot before we run the update, and then compare your site from before and again from after the process. If there are any issues, we roll back to that snapshot and will then get in touch. It’s much better than blindly doing updates and finding something went wrong – in addition to requiring you to take a backup each time you press ‘update’… yuck! Update Magic has you covered.

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