WordPresto is your one-stop WordPress Management Service, focussing on plugin and WordPress core updates, regular backups, and providing services for backup restoration and recovery (if required). But rather than looking in general terms, let’s take a look at each of the features individually. Please note that not all features are included in all plans – take a look at the pricing page for details on which features are included in which plans.

WordPress Backups

Backing up your WordPress site is the first step in being disaster ready. Should your site ever get hacked, compromised or even just simply deleted by a careless host, having a recent backup is crucial. In fact, having a clean backup is one of the easiest ways to recover, quickly, from an exploited WordPress site. Take a look at your current backup strategy (you have got one, right?) and consider if your site was to disappear today, how much would you lose between that backup (if it exists at all) and right now? That period is the minimum backup period you should be considering for your site – the most amount of data you’d be prepared to lose.

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WordPress Updates

Keeping WordPress, and your installed plugins and themes, up-to-date is a huge step towards keeping your site safe and secure. This, along with keeping regular backups, will be a key factor in ensuring that your site remains up and running as much as possible. If you log in to your WordPress administration area now, take a look at how many updates are available – is there more than one? If not, well done! Perhaps WordPresto isn’t for you as you seem to be mastering this. If so, get those updates happening!

One major reason that people shy away from running updates is the fear of breaking something. Depending on how your web developer (or otherwise) has designed and built your site, there may be custom code running that depends on a certain plugin to perform in a certain way. With a major update, this plugin may stop doing what it’s supposed to (or perhaps change to doing it in a different way). This can lead to broken functionality and an overall hampered site. To avoid any issues such as this, WordPresto uses a technology called Update Magic. Update Magic is designed to ensure that when plugin or core update happens, that your site is left running in the way it was before the update – all without you having to worry about it. If there’s an issue, we roll back easily and work out a plan to get your site/plugin updated.

WordPress, being the popular CMS that it is, tends to see exploits move very quickly once discovered. Many sites are using many plugins, and the very popular plugins are used on a large number of sites across the globe. This means that if your site is using a plugin that gets exploited, there’s only a short period of time (potentially) before your site becomes a target. In such a case, ensuring your plugin is updated as soon as possible is crucial.

Please note that WordPress updates, plugin and theme updates are only possible for publicly-available items. Third-party plugins and themes obtained from marketplaces, and other commercially protected entities, cannot be updated automatically. Should an update be required, WordPresto can contact you and request that you obtain an update from the developer directly. This can then be installed for you; however this process is not automatic.

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WordPress Site Reporting

WordPresto can report on a number of metrics on a regular basis, including: updates required/completed, malware scan status, performance reports, SEO reporting and more. These reports are generally created in PDF format for better formatting and ease of storage, and can be customised to each client’s needs (if required). Our base plan includes update reporting only, and this is a good taste of the wider WordPresto service. This report, if nothing else, helps to justify the cost of using a service such as WordPresto.

Website and WordPress Security Check

This feature automatically checks your site for a number of security-related issues. This includes an automated malware scan of your publicly accessible WordPress files, including plugins and themes, and also investigates (and reports) on whether any plugins or themes used, or in fact the WordPress core itself, have any unpatched security issues. Identification of these issues is crucial in managing the security of your website, and this feature will let you know if a plugin developer is actively fixing security issues or not. This may end up being a deciding factor as to whether you switch to an alternative plugin, for example. This is not, however, a full virus scan service – your web host should be providing these features, and you should contact them separately about ensuring your hosting account is regularly scanned for viruses and other forms of inactive or hidden malware.

Uptime Monitoring

Ensuring your WordPress website stays running is one task – but knowing when it’s down, and quickly, is another. Uptime monitoring to the rescue! Regular uptime monitoring will enable WordPresto to know if and when your website goes down – and not just as a result of someone happening to browse past it and discover it. This is active monitoring, and will enable a quicker resolution should any issues arise. Your uptime statistics will be included as part of the site reporting feature, and this is good to determine whether your web host (a separate beast) is providing the service you deserve (and are paying for). Uptime monitoring is available at a range of different intervals, depending on the pricing plan chosen.

Performance Benchmarking

A good performing website is crucial for a number of reasons – and SEO is a major one of those (in addition to viewer happiness, of course). The performance benchmarking feature of WordPresto will run regular checks against the Google PageSpeed engine, as well as the YSlow engine, to ensure that performance issues can be identified. The performance benchmarking feature does not include correcting performance issues, however, although a separate work agreement can be entered into here (as we can definitely help). Performance will be reported along with other metrics in your regular website report, and action can then be taken accordingly as required.

SEO Monitoring

There are so many things to manage with a WordPress (or in fact, any) website, that checking in on your SEO is just another thing to add to your ever-growing to-do list. WordPresto can help lighten this load, by monitoring your keyword ranking performance on a weekly basis, allowing you to focus on fixing issues, optimising your content, or reworking your link structure. WordPresto can help with these tasks too, but they aren’t included. The SEO monitoring feature allows you to nominate up to 20 keywords relevant to your site and user searches, and even specify a geographic market to which you’re targeting (for each one). WordPresto will then jump in, once a week, and evaluate your ranking – and even provide a list of your top competitors so that you can keep an eye on them too.

Update Issue Resolution

Sometimes when a plugin or theme gets updated, things stop working. Especially if your developer has customised your theme or plugin to suit your site, beyond what is included in the base-level plugin functionality. We do request that if you know this is the case for your site, that you let us know (so that we can mitigate potential issues), but we’ll do our best to identify these issues before completing updates. In all support packages, if an update issue is identified, the update will be undone and you will be contacted about appropriate next steps.

For higher plans, some update issue resolution time is included. This time will allow a WordPresto developer to dive into your code, and attempt to resolve any minor issues as a result of updates where possible. The time included, per month, is outlined on our pricing page, but additional work can always be arranged if required.

If update issues arise and you have no included time in your plan, WordPresto will get in touch before attempting to complete any work. This additional work, however, will be charged at $150/hour, billed in 15 minute increments. We are real developers with real skills, and unfortunately this means we need to be paid real money. We will, of course, try and minimise the cost to you – that’s what we’re all about!

Backup Restoration

Similar to the update issue resolution feature, backup restoration is the process of actually rolling back or restoring your website from a previous backup. This is only possible if: you have a backup (usually OK, if managed by us), and if the backup isn’t itself compromised (perhaps the issue occurred more than 90 days ago, and you’ve only just noticed). Lower level plans do not include backup restoration, and as such, should you need to roll back or restore your site, an additional fee will be applicable. Higher plans include this feature, each month, and these tasks are completed on request.

If you don’t have backup restoration as part of your plan, a WordPresto developer will assist at a cost of $150/hour, billed in 15 minute increments. We will, of course, contact you first before any work begins to estimate time required to resolve the issue. If we’ve got a recent backup, and your server isn’t looking too bad, this should be a quick and easy process.

Ad-Hoc Development Work

Our highest plans include ad-hoc development hours, during which you can request WordPress development work be completed by one of our WordPresto developers. The work here, is up to you. Whether that’s changing the code of the site itself, adding new features, tweaking existing ones or even just updating content (or the display of it), the choice is yours. The time included is dependent on your plan, and additional work can always be arranged by getting in touch with the team. Additional ad-hoc development work is billed at $150/hour, and measured in 15 minute increments. If the task is a large one, we can always come up with a fixed-cost quote that may help save money on such work. Your best bet is to speak with us first!

A Few Things to Note

Please note that while there are plenty of features as part of WordPresto, this is a fully-managed WordPress Management Service, and as a result, these tasks cannot be run on demand (by request, or from our WordPresto dashboard). Our team will carry out these tasks as required, based on your current subscription, but you – as a user – are not able to run them. This is fine for most of our users, but if you’re looking for more individual control, WordPresto may not be for you!