WordPress 4.7.4 Update

Well, another day, another WordPress maintenance release! This time, WordPress 4.7.4 is out the door. While these maintenance releases generally don’t bring new features, they are also pretty slick and safe – and generally won’t cause any issues for existing code or functions on your site. Mostly, they are there to fix security issues and increase performance. Let’s take a quick look at what’s included in WordPress 4.7.4, and then, if you haven’t already (or you’re not a WordPresto client), jump on in to your WordPress Administration screen and get updated!

This release contains 47 maintenance fixes and improvements, according to the hard-working WordPress.org team, including things like: fixing an issue between the latest version of Chrome (a very widely used internet browser) and the WordPress visual editor (the element you use to write your content and update your site); issues in the way that media uploaded to WordPress (photos/videos/audio/documents) are handled; and additional improvements to the new REST API (released in the major WordPress 4.7 update).

Again, a release such as this is testament to the ongoing hard work of the huge WordPress developer team, and a massive thanks needs to be extended to them for their ongoing work and dedication to the (open source) project. The least we can do, as users, is ensure our software is kept up-to-date, and running their latest and greatest code. If you’ve got automatic updates enabled, you may find this update has already been completed – similarly, if you’re a WordPresto client, it’s likely to be running already. If you’re self-hosted and self-managed, do everyone a favour and get yourself up-to-date!

Want to not have to think about things like this? Great… we’d love to take care of them for you! Take a look at our WordPress management plans so that you can concentrate on doing what’s important to running your business or blog – writing content, and keeping your site active with all the latest news and information.