Huh?! WooCommerce 3.0.0 broke my site! What gives?!

Ok ok ok… we’re not aiming to attack WooCommerce particularly (we love WooCommerce as much as the next team!), but it’s a good example of why and when things can go wrong. Being one of the most commonly used ecommerce plugins for WordPress, powering a huge portion of all WordPress-based online stores, there’s a fair range of usage of this particular plugin – and because it’s backed by paid extensions – supported and updated regularly by a large development team. Depending on how your site has been constructed – whether you’re using a free theme, a commercial theme, or a completely custom-designed theme – a major upgrade like WooCommerce 3.0.0 has the potential to break things.

If your developer, for example, has customised theme files or even WooCommerce files (let’s hope not on the second one…), a major upgrade is bound to do some damage. Theme files will be significantly outdated, and code within them may not even work anymore. In addition, WooCommerce functions could have been rewritten to achieve different things, meaning your site may not function at all using the old code. How do you find out? Press upgrade, and see what carnage has occurred. Not a great option really, especially if you’re relying on WooCommerce to run your business.

Along with updating the plugin files themselves, a major plugin update such as this will likely also update your database entries for this particular plugin. Why does this matter? If you find you needed to roll back to a previous version, simply uninstalling the plugin and choosing an older version isn’t going to work – in fact, you may find things are even more broken now than what they were before. Did you remember to take a backup before you updated the plugin? (But seriously, who remembers to do that anyway?!)… if not, you might be flat out of luck… it might be time to call your developer and work out a plan for moving forward, no doubt involving many hours of work to update the code to make it compatible (and hopefully future-proof).

What if there was a better way? What if there was an easy way to quickly roll back to a previous version of your site, so that you could more effectively handle required updates to your code – or so you can tackle those while temporarily running the old code (simply so that your site can continue running in the way it was before while the work is being done)? Well… there is! We call it… Update Magic! It doesn’t promise to fix those WooCommerce problems above (that’s one for your developer), but it does promise to get your site back to a running state quickly and painlessly – so that you can work those things out.

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