Announcing Update Magic – your WordPress update safety net (all automatic, of course!)

WordPresto is proud to announce our latest management feature to add to our WordPress management service – Update Magic. This feature, included with all plans that include managed backups (that’s all of them!), means that updating your site and plugins is now safer than ever. Why is this important? Take a read of our recent article about a major plugin update. We do this by adding a few additional steps to each update process that we complete, and here’s how it goes:

Using a normal upgrade method, you would:

  • Log in to WordPress
  • Update your plugins
  • Hope for the best!
  • If there’s a problem after updating, hope that you’ve got a recent backup you can roll back to (as it’s not always possible to just remove the plugin and downgrade that element only)

Few issues there, other than it taking up plenty of your precious time. There’s no inbuilt protection, and no easy way to roll things back – that is, unless you have a recent backup. You could add Step #2 in there, and ensure that you backup your site first, every time, just in case… but who’s going to do that… Here’s our solution… Update Magic:

  • Sign up for WordPresto (if you’re a member, this one isn’t required)

Oh… that was easy? Alright, that wasn’t completely fair. Let’s take a look at what the WordPresto team will be doing behind the scenes (to match what we outlined above):

  • Log in to WordPress
  • Take a snapshot of your site in its current (hopefully working) state
  • Update each plugin
  • Compare the new version of the site with the old one – as in-depthly as possible (we are humans, after all)
  • If any issues, quickly roll back to that snapshot (only taken minutes before)
  • Breathe a sigh of relief!

Isn’t that a better option? Each step of the way is protected, and if there’s a bump in the road, we have that backup – so very recently – that the site can be rolled back and up-and-running again within minutes. Now if something caused an issue during the update, there’s a possibility there might need to be some work done on your site to rectify the issue. Depending on your WordPresto plan, we may even be able to complete this work for you, included, at no extra cost. If not, you’re free to approach a developer of choice to complete this work – or just ask us to do it for you! We can complete development work, ad-hoc, at a simple hourly rate – just get in touch to find out more. Conversely, if we find an issue, and we haven’t got development time included in your plan, we’ll get in touch to work out what the best way forward is!

All in all? Magic. Update Magic. Brand new, and all part of your existing (or soon to be existing) WordPresto subscription! Check out the plans here today, and get on board. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team today – we’ll be glad to talk you through everything you need.