WordPress 4.7 Update – Vaughan

WordPress 4.7 is out, and it’s a big one! This is a major update to the WordPress platform, and, as a result, contains tonnes of new features, fixes, and security updates. It also means that updating can cause some issues, occasionally, so we’d recommend leaving this one to the experts – but that’s not an excuse to not do it! The full story is over at the WordPress website, but here’s a quick summary of what’s involved in this one:


The name of WordPress 4.7, Vaughan, is in honour legendary jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan. There has been a big push on customisation, and the updated WordPress dashboard means that you can more easily get your site set up, the way you want it.

A New Theme: Twenty Seventeen

If you’ve been following the major WordPress releases of late, you’ll know that with each release comes a shiny new theme that aims to meet the needs of a basic blogger site, all while utilising the latest and greatest in design trends. This year’s Twenty Seventeen is pretty smart, and features a large header image on the homepage, with the same header minimised on other pages. It features a beautiful responsive design, snazzy video headers, and a very customisable front page with multiple sections.

It’s a real step forward in ensuring that even the most basic user is able to customise their site in ways previously not even imaginable.

Site Customisations

On the topic of increasing customisability, WordPress 4.7 adds lots of new features to the inbuilt theme customiser which helps step a user through the setup of a new theme, showing live previews with all changes. This is a real step forward in ensuring that users can do more and more without needing the help of a developer. The theme customiser preview allows users to move items around, experiment with widgets, titles and text – all without pushing the changes live to the public (until you’re ready of course).

WordPress Rest API

The REST API is perhaps one of the biggest additions to WordPress 4.7, providing new API endpoints for posts, comments, terms, users, metadata and settings. These new additions mean that there is a whole new range of ways to interact with your WordPress website data, including external apps and beyond, and this is really only the beginning. This is a major change for developers, and not so much for end-users, but it’s exciting all the same!

Check out the full list of changes over on WordPress.org, and if your site isn’t running WordPress 4.7 yet (or you’re not a WordPresto client), sign up today to get your site safely upgraded to the latest and greatest WordPress version!